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How We’re Different

Our firm is different because we are committed to a “process” rather than a “cookie cutter” solution! As the world around us becomes more complicated and expensive, it is extremely difficult to manage one’s personal finances, in particular savings and investments. The days of simply investing in saving bonds and CDs are long gone! Most people are confused, frustrated and concerned about their assets and don’t know where to go for impartial advice that relates to their situation. The equity markets have been extremely volatile and will continue to be unpredictable. Most people invest based upon emotion, and those emotions may inadvertently lead us to make a foolish investing decision. It is our job to help you manage your emotions and devise a plan that may be able to reduce the emotional stress you incur.

People hear from an endless supply of “Talking Heads”; the market is going to rise; the market is going to drop. Unfortunately, as a result of this conflicting information, most people tend to “buy high and sell low,” or worse - do nothing. Our approach is different. We seek to continually educate our clients. Our goal is to provide financial solutions that provide a dignified retirement. We provide clients with sound conservative advice.

Since the vast majority of our clients are in or nearing retirement, we know the challenges that you are faced with and we’d love to welcome you to the Asset & Income Management, Inc. family!